ERiNi Open Atelier 2020 BlueFloatingInSpace


7/18 Sat.-19 Sun. |11:00-16:00

今季からアート作品制作のために淡路市長沢にある廃校になった小学校を利用したノマド村の2Fの教室を使藍染した#アップサイクル な品々の販売もいたします。

We open our studio once a month to display art works.
And, we will sell up-cycle items that are indigo dyed old clothes.
Let’s reduce garbage and save the beautiful earth 🌏
#awaji藍landproject #おのころ藍


2005 年より関西を中心に音楽イベントやウエディングパーティ、 店舗などのデコレーターとして活動を行う。
2013 年淡路島に移住。
2015 年伝統的な天然藍染に魅了され表現に取り入れ始める。
2005 Started to work as a decorator for music events, wedding parties, and shops in Kansai area, Japan
2007 Graduated from Osaka University of the Arts, the Department of Environmental Design
2013 Moved to Awaji Island
2015 Fascinated by traditional natural dyeing, and began to incorporate it in my art works
My husband and I grow natural indigo named “Onokoro-Ai” in the island, and create traditional Japanese printings with the 100% natural dyestuff which takes a year for fermentation by microorganisms without a dryer. Gifts from the mother earth such as indigo blue and sun light make the space in perfect harmony.